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We require the below contract to be printed and signed prior to your inspection.

inspection report contract Inspection Contract


We offer you three different types of inspection service on completed houses from Willcox Inspections for residential buyers. Construction phase inspections and construction draw inspections are also available. Generally our clients desire a high quality, detailed inspection so that they are well informed about the condition of the house they are interested in purchasing performed at a fair price. We spend a great deal of time inspecting your house and verbally providing you with information on the current condition of the house and the probable future performance of the house. All houses have problems. Almost all problems can be solved. These defects or deficiencies can have a great impact on the cost of the house. Some defects will need to be immediately addressed. Some defects may be things that are technically incorrect but that may never need actual repair. All defects found at the time of the inspection are reported as in need of repair in the written report. Your report will not be delivered to you until you and I have had the opportunity to walk the property together so that I can explain the items that are of true importance. As we spend a great amount of time and effort for your benefit, we ask that you follow our few policies. All terms and conditions in the report form apply to all inspections. Please carefully read and consider the following:

TYPE 1. The Silver Inspection and Report (Click here to view silver report)

This type of report is best suited for those individuals or corporations that routinely invest in real property and are very familiar with structural components, appliances, systems and equipment contained in houses and buildings. This level of inspection is NOT recommended for most home buyers. Please review the sample report document. The Silver Level Inspection Report notes the deficiencies found during the inspection and the report includes a brief explanation of the deficiency. There are no photographs, drawing, code references, manufacturer’s installation instructions or any other supporting documents included in the report. A silver level inspection includes and exceeds all items required for inspection by the Minimum Standards of Practice as published by the Texas Real Estate Commission in effect on the date of the inspection subject to the terms and limitations contained in the inspection report.

This type of inspection usually last approximately 2 to 3 hours for a 2500 to 3000 square foot house.

If you would like to add any of the following options to be included in your inspection and report, please choose the options you want.

____ 1) Photographs of Major Defects        

____ 2) Foundation Surface Elevations and Drawing        

____ 3) Elevations of the First and Second Stories and Drawings      

____ 4) Elevations of each Additional Floor or Story                

____ 5) Temperature and Relative Humidity Readings                     

____ 6) Temperature, Relative Humidity and Air Flow Readings of accessible Registers and Drawing 


real estate inspection elevation report        house evaluations

Foundation Elevations Second Story Plan Over First Story Plan


first story hvacfirst story house hvacsecond story hvac

Conditioned Air Information Samples


TYPE 2. The Gold Inspection and Report (Click here to view gold report)

This type of report is best suited for most buyers of real property. It is intended for people who buy houses that they intend to live in and for individuals or corporations that do not routinely buy or sell houses or buildings. This level of inspection service is highly recommended for clients who desire detailed information on the proper performance of the equipment and systems and the likely cost of the repair or replacement of the equipment and systems contained in the house. While the price for this type of inspection is higher than the Silver Level inspection service, the Gold Level Inspection provides much more detail about the performance and condition of the equipment and systems as well as information on the stages of economic service life of the major components, equipment and systems. My clients have often advised me that this is the level of service that actually saves them the most money during negations, makes clearer the safety issues that may affect children and aging parents and headaches after they move into the house.

Please review the sample report document. The gold level report contains notations of the deficiencies found, information on these deficiencies, photographs, a drawing of the house, elevations of the surfaces of the floors, comfort cooling performance of the refrigeration (air conditioning) equipment, references from the model building codes and/or manufacturer’s installation instructions. A Gold Level Inspection includes visible defects or deficiencies noted during the inspection, comments on age of the appliances and comments on the conditions of the main components that are accessible and that can be determined by a visual inspection subject to the terms and limitations contained in the inspection report. No destructive testing of any items, components or materials is included in a visual inspection.

You can expect this type of inspection to take a minimum 8 to 10 hours. Larger houses may take two or more days. The report will take at least one day to prepare. If the report will take longer than one day to prepare, you will be provided with an estimate of how many days it will take to prepare the report at the time of the inspection.

TYPE 3. The Platinum Inspection and Report

This type of inspection is for the buyer or for litigation purposes that wants or needs to know everything that can be determined about the house. There is no sample report of these type inspections as each report is created for each individual property. This type of inspection requires some destructive testing and will require the agreement of the property owner to allow for destructive testing and a complete release of liability for all damages done to the property. This type of inspection involves coring of structural walls, use of cameras in the wall cavities, thermal imaging, dismantling of mechanical equipment, removal of sections of plumbing pipes and foundation elevations and analysis. This type inspection requires at least 30 days to perform and up to an additional 14 days to prepare the report and is subject to the terms and limitations in the report form. The house or building will have to be accessible from 8 am to 5 pm each day during the inspection period, excluding Sundays, as multiple individuals and companies will be involved in the inspection process.

Reports are created in a manner best suited, in my opinion, to relay the information gathered during the inspection. The fee for this type of inspection begins at $25,000.00. The fee increases with the size of the house/building and the distance from the office.


There is no standard report or fee for commercial inspections. Each report is created in a manner that I feel best presents the items noted during the inspection to you. For information on commercial inspections and for fees please contact my office.


As I make my living from my time, there is a 48 hour cancellation policy applied to all inspections scheduled with this company. At the time the inspection is scheduled credit card information will be obtained from you. If the inspection is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment time, if you fail to arrive at the inspection as agreed, if access to the structure is not provided or if all the utilities are not in service and the mechanical systems and appliances are not in service and operating your credit card will be charged at the fee quoted by this company.


Payment is due at the time of the inspection of the house or prior to the inspection of the house. Inspection reports are created at my office after the inspection of the property. Inspection reports will not be delivered until the inspection fee has been paid. Preferred payment for my services is by cash or check. Credit cards are also accepted. The fee increases with the size of the house/building and the distance from the office. If an error is made in citing the size of the house/building the fee for the inspection will be adjusted on site prior to the inspection beginning. If the additional fee is refused by the client, the fee quoted will be due and payable according to the cancellation policy detailed above and the inspection will not be performed. For an exact quote please contact my office.


Discounted or free inspections are illegal under Federal law. These laws are contained in the Residential Settlement Services Provider Act. Some inspectors offer a free second inspection should you choose not to purchase the house you originally selected and had inspected. This is also illegal under Federal law.


I can provide you with reputable service providers such as wood destroying insect inspectors, pool inspectors and various contractors. I do not refer any service provider who gives money or other consideration to inspectors for referrals. Many inspectors make as much or more money than they charge for the inspection referring service providers who attend your inspection to solicit future or ongoing contracts with you. Referrals for a fee or other consideration by a real estate inspector is also illegal under Federal law.


Return visits for any reason, including the completion of the inspection due to any or all utilities being turned off at the time of the inspection, for equipment, systems or appliances not being in service, for lack of access to the structure or for an inspection of repairs, will be charged at the rate of $200.00 per hour. Time charged will include travel one way if the structure is located within 40 miles of my office. Travel time both ways will be charged for structures located over 40 miles from my office per Google Maps.


As a general rule I do not charge for phone calls, emails or texts, etc. for providing additional explanations or to assist you after the inspection. As the purchase of a house is a large investment, I want you to clearly understand the information provided to you in the report. However, I have had clients who have abused the privilege and who have occupied large amounts of my time after the inspection. For that reason, I reserve the right to charge for time spent on these means of communications if, in my opinion, excessive amounts of my time are being used.

Please indicate your choice of Inspection by initialing you preference.

____ TYPE 1. The Silver Inspection and Report

____ TYPE 2. The Gold Inspection and Report

____ TYPE 3. The Platinum Inspection and Report

____ TYPE 4. A Commercial or Industrial Property Report









Please sign and email this form to fred@willcoxinspections.com

If scanning is inconvenient, please call me at 713-461-0009 and let me know your choice. Please print this form, check your option, sign form and bring a copy to the inspection.

Thank You for Choosing Willcox Inspections.