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I have always believed that it is critically important for my clients to attend the inspection. A real estate
inspection is the buyer’s opportunity to learn about the house from a disinterested, non-biased third party.
This is your time to take advantage of my 48 years of inspecting, my education and my extensive
involvement with the creation of the real estate inspection profession. I am in the service business and you,
my client, are paying for my time. You should take advantage of that opportunity and learn all that you can
about the house you want to buy.

Can Real Estate Inspections be Done During a Stay at Home Order?
Our world has now changed and the way we do business must change. All real estate activities in Harris
County and in Houston have been designated as essential services. Accordingly, I will continue to provide
real estate inspection services.

Can I be at my Real Estate Inspection?
I still want my clients with me. But I must insist that the only people present at the inspection be limited to
my client and their Realtor, if they want their Realtor to attend. I’m not going to shake hands and I will
insist on social distancing. Obviously, if you do not feel well or are having symptoms, I ask that you not
attend. If we need to, we can arrange to meet and go through the house when you are well.

What Pre-Cautions are you Taking for Safety?
At this time, I do have gloves and some masks. I will use them as I see fit. I will wipe down the surfaces
that are commonly used that I have to touch both before and after I touch them. Few people touch air
conditioning condensing units or water heaters, so I am not too worried about those type items. I commonly
wear shoe covers and I will continue that practice. I will continue to use gloves, masks and sanitizers so
long as they are available and I can reasonably get them.
So, please feel free to accompany me on your inspection. I look forward to working with you. I hope that
you enjoy your new home.

And remember, I am not a low-priced provider. I am a high quality, fantastic service provider. I am,
without question, “the best value in real estate inspections”©. Quality and cheap, in the history of the
world, have never gone together.

Please stay safe and excerise caution.